Welcome to 2021 orienteering!

This year has begun looking sunny and beautiful, and after the challenges of 2020, the CMOC Leadership Team and Committee are excited to get stuck into a new year of orienteering and camaraderie. At our 2020 AGM in early December, we confirmed the following roles:

Co-Presidents: Anthony McGivern and Jo Wood
Secretary/Membership: Ruth Farmer
Treasurer: Rolph Watson
Committee: Brian Long, John Robinson, Val Robinson, Bev Shuker, Lindsay Shuker, Unni Lewis, Matt Pickering, Justine Edwards, Renee Motion, Katherine Granich, Andrew Skelton

We’re thankful for the hard work of our outgoing President, Andrew Skelton, whose 2020 President’s Report reflected on “the year that was”. Read it here.

Check out our Events Calendar and Facebook page to see the orienteering events coming up this year!