COME AND GIVE MTBO (Mountain Bike Orienteering) A GO – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  – Just bring your bike and Sense of Adventure 😊

Follow on Event from the Foot Orienteering – Totara Park on 28th March, individual starts after briefing at 12:30pm,  event centre 200m from Wairere Road Car Park.

What do I need?

Your mountain bike – or borrow your friend’s bike

A map board of sorts if you have one or can borrow one – but alternatively can keep your map in your cycle top or clip around your neck

3 Courses Available from beginner to more experienced

Short course – 6.4 km with 8 control check points, this is a beginner course on gravel road and beginner tracks for those that want to get a taste of riding in the park, we expect the winning time around 30mins

Medium course – 11.4 km with 13 control check points, This course is also a beginner course and will suite most competitors that have some MTB experience giving those a challenge and taste of MTBO, a number of intermediate tracks in the park will be used with a reasonable amount of climbing, we expect the winning time around 45min

Long course – 16.4 km with 20 control check points, This course will suite more experience riders with 360m of climbing utilizing the majority of tracks and requiring map reading skills . This course has a twist requiring the rider to follow a set course (the same as the medium) while collecting 7 additional control  check points at their own leisure and in any order (to complete the course you must collect all additional 7 controls)  We expect the winning time around 1hr 10min

Bring your friends or make it a family outing – Come on give it a go – it may be your new favourite sport…..

Entries – online at or on the day, e $20/adult & $10 child (additional ident timing chip hire $3 per person)